Friday, June 18, 2010

Welcome to my world, won't you come on in?

Hi and welcome to my creative space! I'm glad that you stopped by & I would like to say a big gargantuan "thank you" to Karen Valentine for hosting this blog party, Where Bloggers Create II, and now I will practice my very best blog party etiquette by inviting you to come on in.....walk with me..... :)

Roxy [my fur baby Pomeranian] and her pink bunny enjoy relaxing in this peaceful space.....I'm thinking that she enjoys it as much as I do....--- very theraputic...and on to the fabric stash with all of the beautiful fabric by great designers [take a trip over to and you'll see why fabric collecting should be the next Olympic sport....]

More of the sewing space.....I heart my BabyLock mow-chine!

A cutting station is probably the number one thing that I've needed in previous years---no more cutting on the dining room table and running off the mat with the rotary cutter...ouch!

Hmmmm.......what shall I sew next?

If men need a "man cave", we need a "girl cave", right? I think that this space makes a big difference versus sharing space with my office. That didn't work out so well. The papers won out every time......

And, just in case I run out of project ideas, I have some "idea" binders---magazines and great books to help get over the 'creative block'......stored in antique drawers....don't you love repurposing things??

And now, to introduce you to my trusty Bear sewing caddy.....always there when I need him..... and no scrambling for the pin cushion because he's a little hard to misplace...
Buttons and other findings stay in these little jars...I think that I purchased these jars at IKEA in the ATL.

And after much pondering, I finally settled on using foamboard panels for keeping the ever-growing fabric pieces in some kind of order. Now, if I could just cut it! Does anyone else have a problem cutting into their favorite fabric??

one more glance.....
About that vision board.....some call it a bulletin board, but this year, I've been a little hung up on the "vision" board....I even made my girls their own mini vision board [need a picture, hint, hint....] so that they could purposefully see their hopes, dreams and vision for their lives. We always need some direction and I love the verse from Proverbs 29:18..."Where there is no vision, the people perish.....". HEY! I'm not going to perish!! So, dream on!

Rock, paper, Sizzix.....did I say that?? I love paper, letters, stamps, brads, and all those die cuts, don't you? Not too long ago, two of my nieces came over and we made Valentine, that was fun! Too bad crafting wasn't this tech-savvy back in the day! I probably would have majored in paper cutting.

Stamps....some of my favorites!! Words!!!!

I wish that I could say that I'm an avid scrapbooker, but I just enjoy collecting all the cute things that are sister & I go to Archiver's & enjoy the "make it-take it" classes, but mostly we just enjoy laughing our heads off at our silly antics. It's hereditary.....genetically incurable....and this little area is designated to try and keep my paper and stuff manageable.....I'm looking forward to seeing how our blog friends like to organize their things, too!

And, one of the last areas is home to my jewelry things, supplies, shipping boxes, etc...for my scripture jewelry designs. If you're inclined to check them out, please visit me at . I enjoy collecting beads, too. Just an addiction to color, I suppose....and this "station" is my repurposed dresser that I had as a child. I guess they just don't make furniture like that any's holding up pretty good to be ...ummmm...about 40 years old. No joking! [Just remember that I was a very, very small child.....]

Scripture jewelry design and some of the fun earrings that I love making with twirly-whirly sterling silver flowers...
Some of the beads in my work space....I think they multiply behind my back...

And, now, I suppose the party tour is complete and it's time to fade to the music....and we will all craft happily ever-after.......Please come back and visit. I love my friends! I'm looking forward to doing some fun "giveaways"!! .....Have a great, great day! Numbers 6:24-26 "The Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make His face to shine upon you and be gracious to you; the Lord lift up His countenance upon you and give you peace." Always, Rebecca :)



  1. Wow Rebecca, very nice space to create. And so organized, love it. Thanks for sharing! Susan

  2. Hi Rebecca! You have a beautiful space to create in! Love your little green drawers and the chippy wood hanging!

    It's nice to meet you! I'm Rebecca, too, but go by Becky. I'm also a daughter of the King!

    Thank you for sharing your space!

  3. What a great space! So, enjoyed my visit with you. Enjoy the rest of the party.

  4. Hi Rebecca,
    What an amazing space. You have everything so wonderfully organized. I love it. Great vision board and I love the Proverb verse. I may have to add that one among my others in my studio.
    You truly are talented and blessed.

    Thank you for sharing. Hope you can stop by my party too.
    Hugs and enjoy the WBC tour of parties.
    Celestina Marie

  5. Rebecca, you did a FABULOUS job!!! Thank you so much for sharing it all with us! I am in awe of all the wonderful fabric you have! I used to be a total fabric nut! Then I switched to paper! Now I'm buying everything digitally! Go figure! Oh well, it saves on space! LOL! Thank you so much for all your hard work in making this a wonderful party post!
    My Desert Cottage

  6. This is an amazing space. I kept reading to see how you wrapped your fabric and I'm so glad to know you use foam core board. What an investment. And what a clever idea for all that yummy fabric. Even your scrapbook area is so neatly done and kept. Thanks for sharing this really beautiful, colorful, open, and inspiring space.

  7. This is an amazing room. Your room is so inviting and so organized, I like the idea of using foam core board to coral unruly fabric.

  8. What a bright open space. I love your fabric collection. All your organizing ideas are great! Thanks for the tour!

  9. You have a wonderful space - very organized and bright and cheery!

  10. Wonderful space! Your fabric is incredibly well behaved. :) I'd really love to know about the curtain or wall hanging that has the mini lights over the top...

  11. What an amazing space you have created! You have inspired me to add to my own crafting area.

    I adore all of your storage solutions.

  12. Love all of the bright cheerful colors that you choose. So pretty and organized too!

  13. Thanks for inviting me into your world and your world is very organized and a beautiful corner of the world!

  14. Lovely space ...everything has a place
    ...Just Wonderful! Thanks for sharing it all with us.

  15. Roxy looks so cute - a little fur ball on the rug! And lucky you to have such well-behaved fabric. Your room is beautiful and thanks so much for sharing it - I'll definitely be back!

  16. Your room is so well organized! I love how you have different stations for quilting/sewing; scrapping and jewelry making! Thanks for sharing it.

  17. Your space look so clean and well organized. It looks like anybody could just jump right in and get to work. Your dresser looks wonderful with the shelves on top. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  18. Very nice space, Rebecca. Do you always stay so organized? It really is phenomenal. I love your bead space, as well. Everything just looks so pristine!

    Some day, come and take a peek at my daughter and my blog, if you would like. It is three months old but we have a fifteen year collection of beads. I love paper crafting and am starting to get into fabric and sewing...she loves a million other things like vintage fashion. We were not in any shape to photograph but I am loving the tours.

    Thanks for letting us in and helping us see this is all possible!


  19. LOVE your space! Bright and cheery and colorful...a great space to create. Love the vision board!

    happy day!

  20. I enjoyed the tour! I also have a fabric obsession. I know just what you mean about not cutting into your favorite fabrics. At least you have them all out where you can see them. My best fabric is tucked in a pretty box so I take it out and look at it every now and then. Thanks for the tour!

  21. Oh my whiskers!!!! Will you look at the behaved fabric?!?!!! Beautiful eye candy too!!! Your bear caddy is a cutie too! I bet he's a big help!!!

    Thanks for sharing!!!!!

    Romeo and "her"

  22. I love your studio! It is so roomy and fun!
    I love how organized you are...It is amazing to look at! It'would like going shopping everytime you stepped inside.
    Have a wonderful week!

  23. Fantabulous fabrics, awesome jewelry display, what a "girl cave"! Love your organization too. Wonderful space to create in, thank you for sharing.

  24. Hi Rebecca,

    I love your studio and especially love the fabric storage. You are so organized! Good for you..I think I'm more organized now then ever before but still much to sort out. I really enjoyed strolling through your creative space. Thank you for sharing with me.

    I'd love for you to come over for a stroll through my studio. It's been an ongoing transformation for almost a year since I moved in to our new home.

    Have a wonderful day,
    Stephanie ♥

  25. Hi Rebecca,
    What a wonderful space you have, I need to come over and do some shopping... Now thats alot of Fabric. You could do some real creations in a wonderful room like this....

    Hugs, Linda

  26. I love that you have separate areas for your varied creativity! Everything looks so neat and easy to find. I love your sewing area. Right now I do my sewing at either the kitchen or dining room table, but I dont sew that often so I'm okay with it.

  27. thank you for the tour. What a wonderful space you have. Plenty of space and Oh my it looks like it could be a store with all that fabric and wonderful displays. thanks for sharing and have a wonderful night. Angela

  28. Hello Rebecca, what a beautiful, organized and lovely space! I adore Roxy! and her PINK bunny! Looks like you create so many pretty things, I love your jewelry! xoxo Julie Marie

  29. Love your space, and fat quarter heaven, I just fell in love with charm squares, haven't tried jelly rolls yet, might get addicted to those too. Glad someone else love to sew and scrap, any paper or fabric idea I could get addicted to, needle felting is my next try. I see you do jewelry, well I haven't gotten into that yet, better say never though! Love your room and thanks for letting me stop by! XOXO

  30. very neat, a place for everything and everything in it's place!

  31. Love your Creative space ~ it is Warm & inviting.... I Love all the colors of your fabric Stash ~ I am Still working my way thru the 400 + Studios.... Yours has been a Delight!

  32. Hi Rebecca. Everyone's spaces are so inspiring, in fact I have a list going of what I want to add to my space. I love your repurposed drawers, wonderful idea (I took the drawers out of my old fridge and use them in the green house, they are perfect for mixing dirt in....they would also be good under a counter.....sorry did not mean to get carried away).....and I have to say your lights (the Christmas ones), I am going to have to copy that. Love all your organizing, too, especially your 'well behaved' fabric. LOL.
    Big Horn Mountain Creations

  33. Love your's so colorful and organized! Thanks for the tour:)

  34. What a spacious place you have for your creative inspirations. I love how you have your sewing/quilting space and a jewelry space. Everything in it's place, just lovely. Thanks for the tour.

  35. Good Morning,
    My fabric needs to take lessons from yours in good behavior! Thank you for sharing. Have a thoughtful Thursday. ~Natalie

  36. Everything looks so organized in your studio. I would certainly love to come and play! Thanks for inviting us to visit.

  37. I have been going through the party for a few days now. Yours is the first one I stopped by to view this morning and what a treat to hear some scripture too. Thank You~ Sherry w/Scrapping With Sherry

  38. Rebecca, I LOVE LOVE LOVE your Blog!! It is beautiful and looks just like you. I have imagined over the years what your studio looks like. It's even more beautiful I thought! I can't wait to show you off to all of our followers!! I'm excited for both of us!

    Have a sweet day,


  39. What an inpireing room. I am always looking for ideas to organize my scrappin room. thanks for sharing.